Learning Links 8

What a ridiculously short term – I think we’ve crammed seven weeks’ work into five weeks…phew.

Anyway, mdaffodilsore ideas and resources for your delectation.  Things to read to keep you going over Easter too!

First up, seize Easter inspiration for your classroom from this Guardian article.

Have a look at these stunning photographs, definitely an ideal opportunity for  a thinking activity at the start of the day around our prized possessions.

I came across this gorgeous website called Singing Hands – cracking EYFS songs with makaton signing too!  Watch this one for a flavour:


And whilst we are in EYFS, this pininterest board is jammed packed with poems and rhymes for World Poetry day (Thursday).  And the Poetry Archive is full of poems and ideas for exploring poetry in all key stages.

KS1_Maths_TrailHere’s a maths trail idea in the TES, perhaps something to think about planning for next term.

Teaching Maths creatively is one of our challenges we are addressing through our inset next term, so have a read of this Guardian article, found on the fab Guardian Teacher Network – have you signed up yet?

Have a read of @magicalmaths’ blog for further mathematical tips (and Einstein quotes!)

This week’s 100 Word Challenge is found here, thanks to the fabulous Julia Skinner aka @TheHeadsOffice.

Gorgeousautism picture for Year 1 moon

via @fascinatingpics again!

And this one just because I love it…

Finally, a bit of ‘light’ reading on the shortage in school places but also money coming into schools for sport.

Enjoy this week and your holiday!

Thanks to @janeh271 for this:always dream

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Learning Links 7

It’s a funny old time of year – perhaps the lack of sunshine gets you down, like it does me.  Last Monday in assembly we talked about self-respect, about how to look after ourselves and I shared this film with the children – take time for yourself to listen to this Pep Talk!


World Bgirls heart booksook Day went down a storm and to continue motivate our guys readchildren to read introduce them to these websites, a fab site to engage boys and likewise a cracking site for girls. (Click on the pics).

Afterspag staff PDM last week I saw a link to Pie Corbett videos on the OUP site all about SPAG! Lots of ideas and excellent resources to download here.

Turn yupside down question markour questioning upside down! Andy (one of our governors) has sent some great articles discussing which questions in Blooms should come first / are most important. So try turning your questioning on its head and start with the higher order questions. What happens?  Let us know in the comments!

Flipping Blooms

Inverting Blooms

Beyond Bloompizza story board

A hilariously brilliant idea for Pizza Box Story Boards in Early Years from Early Years HQ – eat pizza, reuse those boxes and generate more talk for writing!

Zoe Elder (@fullonlearning) has produced another excellent blog on ‘Three Professional Duties?‘  Is she right?  Do you ‘care’?  share’? ‘acknowledge’?  Add your thoughts below and/or tweet Zoe.

‘The Anatomy of an Outstanding Lesson’ is the title of David Didau’s (@LearningSpy) presentation at #PedagooLondon last week.  Great challenge to teachers and observers!

Check out the danimals talkingraft new curriculum here – what do you think? Add your voice to the debate at the consultation.

train in India

And finally…a picture I found for Y4 on @Fascinatingpics 

its ok not to know

and a super poster for your class from @karen_macg

Have a fab learning week!

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Learning Links 6

Welcome to Learning Links 6

Hopefully you will find something to read or an activity to try to help you develop your teaching and the children’s learning!post-it-note-1

Here is a fab article on how useful the humble post-it note can be to aide learning by @HuntingEnglish.

Fancy a game of chess? Here’s an opportunity to chess-pieces 2bdevelop children’s skills playing chess in class.

This is a fascinating article on teaching grammar in context, KS3 but actually utterly relevant to teaching grammar at SMRP.

A great idea about collecting children’s responses to learning each week by @nwinton.

@MsFindlater has written a super piece on Unlocking the Power of Progress; it is full of practical ways to assess learning in lessons. She is really keen for feedback on her ideas – leave a comment on her blog.Master_Logo_RGB

Did you know it is National Science & Engineering Week 15-24 March 2013?  There are lots of activities and ideas available on the British Science Association site.

Gorgeous science through art resources are found on this website, www.houseofillustration.org.uk.

Fabulous & practical ideas and resources are found on @ASTSupportAAli ‘s blog, the Bulmershetoolkit.

Remember Hywel Roberts introduced Ron Berger’s Public Critique on our inset day…David Didau explains how it works in practice with his pupils.  Here is Ron Berger talking about it!

Fancy a motivational poster or two, superb examples to download here at technology.rocks.

Cracking maths vocabulary lists translated, including Somali, ready for you to download right now! Free on the emaths website.

And finally, I am really enjoying thBETJrarCMAA4WFS.jpg largee gorgeous photographs posted by @FascinatingPics; they make great photos for thinking activities, but this one is especially for Year 2!

This blog is meant for us to share and learn together, so do leave a comment or two – maybe you’ve read something you disagree with, or tried out an idea with great success.  Do let us know.  And please share your ideas for learning!

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