Learning Links 7

It’s a funny old time of year – perhaps the lack of sunshine gets you down, like it does me.  Last Monday in assembly we talked about self-respect, about how to look after ourselves and I shared this film with the children – take time for yourself to listen to this Pep Talk!


World Bgirls heart booksook Day went down a storm and to continue motivate our guys readchildren to read introduce them to these websites, a fab site to engage boys and likewise a cracking site for girls. (Click on the pics).

Afterspag staff PDM last week I saw a link to Pie Corbett videos on the OUP site all about SPAG! Lots of ideas and excellent resources to download here.

Turn yupside down question markour questioning upside down! Andy (one of our governors) has sent some great articles discussing which questions in Blooms should come first / are most important. So try turning your questioning on its head and start with the higher order questions. What happens?  Let us know in the comments!

Flipping Blooms

Inverting Blooms

Beyond Bloompizza story board

A hilariously brilliant idea for Pizza Box Story Boards in Early Years from Early Years HQ – eat pizza, reuse those boxes and generate more talk for writing!

Zoe Elder (@fullonlearning) has produced another excellent blog on ‘Three Professional Duties?‘  Is she right?  Do you ‘care’?  share’? ‘acknowledge’?  Add your thoughts below and/or tweet Zoe.

‘The Anatomy of an Outstanding Lesson’ is the title of David Didau’s (@LearningSpy) presentation at #PedagooLondon last week.  Great challenge to teachers and observers!

Check out the danimals talkingraft new curriculum here – what do you think? Add your voice to the debate at the consultation.

train in India

And finally…a picture I found for Y4 on @Fascinatingpics 

its ok not to know

and a super poster for your class from @karen_macg

Have a fab learning week!


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Headteacher at St Mary Redcliffe CofE Primary School. Serving the children and families of Windmill Hill, Victoria Park, Redcliffe, Bedminster & Totterdown. I'm in the best job!
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