Learning Links 8

What a ridiculously short term – I think we’ve crammed seven weeks’ work into five weeks…phew.

Anyway, mdaffodilsore ideas and resources for your delectation.  Things to read to keep you going over Easter too!

First up, seize Easter inspiration for your classroom from this Guardian article.

Have a look at these stunning photographs, definitely an ideal opportunity for  a thinking activity at the start of the day around our prized possessions.

I came across this gorgeous website called Singing Hands – cracking EYFS songs with makaton signing too!  Watch this one for a flavour:


And whilst we are in EYFS, this pininterest board is jammed packed with poems and rhymes for World Poetry day (Thursday).  And the Poetry Archive is full of poems and ideas for exploring poetry in all key stages.

KS1_Maths_TrailHere’s a maths trail idea in the TES, perhaps something to think about planning for next term.

Teaching Maths creatively is one of our challenges we are addressing through our inset next term, so have a read of this Guardian article, found on the fab Guardian Teacher Network – have you signed up yet?

Have a read of @magicalmaths’ blog for further mathematical tips (and Einstein quotes!)

This week’s 100 Word Challenge is found here, thanks to the fabulous Julia Skinner aka @TheHeadsOffice.

Gorgeousautism picture for Year 1 moon

via @fascinatingpics again!

And this one just because I love it…

Finally, a bit of ‘light’ reading on the shortage in school places but also money coming into schools for sport.

Enjoy this week and your holiday!

Thanks to @janeh271 for this:always dream


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